Saturday, July 7, 2007

Cows on a Rainy Day

This was taken across the street from the shot in my banner. There were many cows, and they were all interested in what I was doing. This was just a quick shot from my car since it was sprinkling. I hope to go back when I can spend a little more time.


Anna said...

For some reason I am craving a glass of milk.

I like this shot Elaine and the way you framed it.

:) Have a good weekend!

Mike said...

I am craving steak! Enough with this milk stuff.

Peaceful shot Elaine. Shows how green everything is around here this year.

Went to the battlefield last night. Did you know they were open until 9pm and after the visitor center is closed at 5 it is free anyway?

talj said...

Lovely shot and I really like your new photo at the top of your blog! Great stuff :o)

Anna said...

Good point Mike!