Saturday, March 10, 2007


I went to Nathanael Greene Park this morning to check out the flowers, and shot the tracks outside the park before I left.


Anna said...

This appeals to me on so many levels I can't even begin....I love the lines of the tracks through the frame and the rugged wood. Wonderful shot from this perspective.

talj said...

Fantastic composition and editing, really great shot! :o)

Mike said...

Love the perspective you took this from. Really captures the mood of that lonely stretch of track. Of course you know my love of trains.

Dantzr said...

Saw you r post with this shot on DPC and thought I would wander over to see your "Photo a Day" blog. I am on my knees with awe.:} Very good photos. This one is a wonderful one for me cause I too, like Mike, love trains. Without trying to sound existential or anything meditationary (is that a word?) your shot sort of indicates life. We are all on the track of life and those little turnoffs are what makes life interesting.

I do want to thank you. Although I have been a photographer (35mm exclusively) for 35+ years, I had forgotten what fun it could be to take pictures of everything large or small, alive or inanimate. Your blog reminded me and I think now I will not only get back to having fun with my camera... but will also maybe learn to use this goldang digital.

Great job!! I will be back!!!

Mike M.